Quality Pixel Art

These graphics are for you. I have been a pixel artist for over a decade, and I created the Time Fantasy style to evoke the feeling of classic SNES RPGs. Game developers, you can use these graphics to bring your worlds to life!

Time Fantasy RPG Maker DLC

The first pack includes a variety of characters and tiles that feel like the classics of the SNES era.

Free Graphics

New additional resources in the Time Fantasy style for use in your games.


Create your own graphics in the Time Fantasy style. I provide a style guide, character base, tutorials and more.

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Halloween Tiles


Here’s a small group of extra tiles with a Halloween theme. Halloween is more than two weeks away– there’s more time for you to put these to use! But they’re versatile enough to be used generally, I think. Doesn’t need to be October to have a spooky graveyard in your game!

I was going to release them as a patron exclusive– but at the last minute I decided to release them as a freebie for everybody. I like to release holiday-themed special graphics for free.

As usual with these tile add-ons, the set is arranged in a simple tile grid that can be added to any tileset. Here’s the downloads:


Holy Meditating Monks

Hello! Here’s some new characters. Free for everyone!

I’ve been reading a really fascinating book, an autobiography of a swami– and it gave me the inspiration to put these sprites together. It’s been a while since I’ve made some characters for a free release for everyone, and I thought that it would be in the spirit of these characters to do just that. I’m sure that lots of people will find a good use for these sprites!

There are four characters. Each one has a regular full 4-directional walking sprite and a sitting meditation pose. They’re arranged in the standard 8-character sheet.


Free Beach Tileset

Here’s a big freebie! Last month, we reached a major patron goal, and I promised to deliver another free tileset as a reward. Patrons voted for a beach tileset — and here it is!

This is the second free tileset that I’ve released because of the support of patrons. The first was the jungle tileset which I released last month. Like the jungle set, this beach tileset is free for anybody!

For more free releases like this, consider supporting me on patreon if you aren’t already! Even a single dollar helps (crowdfunding is awesome!)¬†www.patreon.com/finalbossblues

Here’s a link to the download page on itch.io:

And here’s a direct download to the .zip file: Download

(Note that the shoreline autotiles are not perfect in RPGMaker — the autotile system is incredibly limited. There’s not enough space on the A1 tilesheet for all the animated tiles, so you might have to do a little extra work or find some kind of workaround to make everything work perfectly.)

Thanks everybody for your support!

Content and pixel art by Jason Perry. www.finalbossblues.com